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If you need help to determine whether you qualify for spousal support or not, give the professionals at Michael R. Garber Attorney at Law a call today. Unlike child support where the amount of support is based on a statutory formula, the amount of spousal support is discretionary There are two types of spousal support interim and final. The type of support and length of support you receive is based on several factors. If you are ready to determine your eligibility, give us a call today.

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The two main types of spousal support are called interim and final. Interim is temporary while final periodic support continues until the payee either dies, remarries, or the court has determined the payee cohabitates with another person. Final periodic support is not considered permanent, but it does last longer than interim support. The court is in charge and has the final say to limit how long the support continues. Courts are also able to, at any time, increase, reduce, and terminate payments. Payments may be stopped or reduced when the payor experiences financial hardship.

We'll help you in your family law matters

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