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Probate litigation is a legal battle that deals with issues related to death. Typically are disputes over the validity of a will and the right of a person to receive a portion of the deceased’s estate.  Probate litigation can include the division of assets, joint bank account disputes, asset disputes, and anything else a family might fight over when someone passes away. Attorney Michael Garber is experienced in probate litigation and can help you with your case.

We're experienced in probate litigation

No matter the situation you are in, probate can be a lengthy and costly battle. Give us a call today to begin the healing process.

  • Living wills

  • Estates

  • Trusts

  • Power of attorney

  • Division of assets

  • Family feuds

Living will document

Probate litigation can be costly and lengthy

Although some families might fight and argue over the assets of a dead loved one, not all families do fight and probate is designed to help them. Often, family members will need to go to probate because they are trying to protect their loved ones, or they need to recover money from an outside source such as an insurance company or financial planner. These cases usually involve some type of financial exploitation.  


If you are experiencing a difficult financial struggle after the passing of your loved one, give Michael Garber a call, he is ready to help you.  


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